Here, links of each group and artist to the site

with Boris Andrianov after playing Haydn "Cello concerto No.1 C-major" with Szolnok Symphony Orchestra in 15th. June 2008 at Szolnok Belvarosi church
Boris ANDRIANOV website
A exceptional talented russian Cellist whom I played with. He is unique and excellent, to change the surrounding air by his first playing. It can be watched on YouTube
with Valentina IGOSHINA, after playing "Rachmaninov 2.Piano concerto with Szolnok Symphony Orchestra" in 23th.March 2009
Valentina IGOSHINA website
A poweful, and beautiful russian Pianist who won the 2nd. Rachmaninov competition. Co-starring with her was very impressive and emotional.
with Steve Dobrogosz after playing his great work "Mass" with Szolnok Symphony Orchestra, Bartók Béla chamber Choir and Debrecen Kodály Choir at Szolnok Garelia in 30th March 2009
Steve DOBROGOSZ very official homepage
An american Composer, and Jazz Pianist who lives in Stockholm. His music and performing keep having a deep spirit, and always shaking the soul of the people who listen to.
Szolnok City Symphony Orchetra Homepage